J.E. Bramblett, CAI

J. E. Bramblett is able to combine the art of the auction industry with a wealth of real estate experience and knowledge in the areas of brokerage, development, property management, and legal and financial expertise.

Starting his career in the building and development business, Mr. Bramblett has built and developed a chain of convenience stores, 1,200 new single family residences, numerous multi-family units, office parks, motorcycle dealerships, game rooms, laundromats, car washes and video businesses.

Mr. Bramblett is a graduate of the Certified Auctioneers Institute of Indiana University and A Pass Weikel Real Estate School. Mr. Bramblett has an associates degree from Elizabethtown Community College. He studied the Theory Of Management in Tokyo, Japan, and has taken numerous auctioneering, real estate, marketing, financing, appraising, and property management courses.

Mr. Bramblett holds auctioneer and broker licenses in a multitude of states. He is a member of the Certified Auctioneers Institute, the highest designation an auctioneer can receive. He is a member of the National Auctioneers Association, the National Association of Realtors, and numerous state and local chapters for auctioneers and Realtors.

J.E. Bramblett is founder, President, Auctioneer, and Broker of Re/Max Group Auctioneers, a division of Re/Max Executive Group Inc., a full-service auction and real estate marketing firm.

Mr. Bramblett's hobby is registered quarter horses. He owns a horse farm complete with indoor arena and trainer. His prize possession, Instensely Obvious, is one of the top registered quarter horse stallions in the World.

Mr. Bramblett conducts more than 200 auctions annually and devotes his market experience to all types of property including horse farms, agricultural land, developable land, single family residences, shopping malls, apartment complexes, factories, marinas, hotels, condominiums, and government real estate.

This wealth of knowledge and experience gives Mr. Bramblett the competitive edge needed to succeed in today's auction industry, the preferred method of selling real estate and liquidating assets of all types.


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